Atelier auf Zeit 1996 / Balke, HansmannSommer 96
Exhibitions 1996


Temporary Studio 1996

Harald Balke

Dieter Hansmann

Exhibition view

And they are singing again

August 1996

The temporary studio of the Kunstverein provides artists from the region with an experimental room.

Under the title "And they are singing again" the results of the work of Harald Balke and Dieter Hansmann were presented on August 9, 1996.

Introductions: Dr Thorsten Rodiek and Birgit ten Toren, Osnabrück.

The experimental aspect is decisive for their joint work. The space found, its light, its proportions, room breakthroughs and the quality of its appearance are combined with concerns regarding content
"And they are singing again": bird songs, iridescent colours of the bailiff's feathers, visually representable singing scores and timbres. Both artists work without objects. Their painting between expression and mania, which condenses sensual experience.
Both artists live and work in Nordhorn.

Supported by the city of Neuenhaus and the state of Lower Saxony.