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The Kreuzweg (Way of the Cross) by Karl Prantl, one of the first stations of 'kunstwegen', was destroyed in March 2011 and "restored" in November 2011 with the planting of 14 large-leaved lime trees.

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Der Kreuzweg im März 2011 / Foto: Helmut Claus


Work data:
Karl Prantl, Way of the Cross, 1979. Bentheim sandstone, 14 parts, each 140 x 140 x 14 cm; 14 lime trees

"kunstwegen", an open cultural area along the course of the river Vechte in the German-Dutch border region, is one of the largest open museums in Europe. International artists - including Hede Bühl, Hamish Fulton, Henk Visch, Richard Deacon, Fischli/Weiss, Dan Graham, Jenny Holzer, Ilya Kabakov, Marin Kasimir, Christiane Möbus, Timm Ulrichs and Karl Prantl - have developed site-specific sculpture projects that take up the landscape and history of the region. One of the first works from 1979, Karl Prantl's "Stations of the Cross" (cf. 1st Sculpture Symposium 1979), was destroyed in February 2011 by a total tree felling. All justifications for this clear-cutting seem to be hardly plausible.  
Karl Prantl was one of the initiators of the 'Skulpturenweg Nordhorn', which was continued in 2000 with further projects to form today's 'kunstwegen'.  
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