Fritz BalthausFritz Balthaus
Exhibitions 1998

Fritz Balthaus

Fritz Balthaus

Light Work

February 28th to April 12th, 1998

Introduction by Dr. Stephan Berg, Kunstverein Freiburg.

The focus of his work is the investigation of two questions:
1.  What role does the media play in image creation and the manipulation of our perception?
2.  Which reality creates and alters our perception when we look at images in the art world?

For example, an auto-focus projector tries in vain to make a piece of bubble wrap appear sharp in reproduction - given the three-dimensional challenge - but …  The medium of perception and the technical medium through which the pictures are shown and evaluated are structurally identical.  They are apparatuses that promote the idea that the shadowy effects precedes the reality of a relationship.
And they are not only serving as the same broker of information, but also as the producers of the subject itself, to which they contribute more than just media.

In collaboration with Kunstverein Freiburg, Egon Schiele Centrum Cesky Krumlov, Museum Academy Berlin, and the Liechtenstein State Art Collection.

Lecture by Annette Tietenberg, Frankfurt: "The eye looks at herself in seeing. The works of Fritz Balthaus".

An exhibition catalog has been published. 

Supported by the city of Neuenhaus and the state of Lower Saxony.