Atelier auf Zeit 2005 / Siegfried HentkeSommer 2005
Exhibitions 2005


Temporary Studio 2005

Hentke, Work for the courtyard


Siegfried Hentke

09 April to 8 May 2005

Transparencies. Last whites - threadbare.

In cooperation with the Kreishaus, where the exhibition of drawings and sculptures
Siegfried Hentkes ends, the second part of the comprehensive exhibition of his work will take place in Neuenhaus.
opened. On display are 33 object boxes, which were opened during the past seven years.
were created. In the context of the "temporary studio" Hentke also created a sculpture for
the courtyard.
The starting point of the design debate is the "objet trouvé" of the Surrealism, the found object, which in its evocative power sets pictorial chains of association in motion.
The combinatorics of found material, chiffon nebulae and the graphic The linearity of the thread condenses a spatial interior relationship that lives from transparency. This phenomenon of transparency, the breaking open of impermeability in the form of form and structure is an atmospheric mood carrier and expands in a spectrum of different perception processes. The chiffon tension allows pictorial realities to recede and lends the project space a distance, colouristically opaque and graphically accentuated by the emphasis on the linearity of the thread. Thus the exhibit evokes on the one hand a withdrawal in form and content and at the same time an opening towards the viewer. The monochrome white finally replaces the colour as a modulation element. The plexiglass panel closes the object box with an increasingly dense internal structure. The last whites remain - threadbare.

Supported by the county of Grafschaft Bentheim and the city of Neuenhaus.

Another work in the courtyard of Ulrich Schürhaus (Thuine).