Jochen TwelkerJochen Twelker
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Jochen Twelker

Jochen Twelker
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Mein wunderbarer Waschsalon / My wonderful laundrette

04 September to 27 November 2005

Jochen Twelker, *1957, has created a multifaceted oeuvre to date. He developed his own concept for the Kunstverein: he transformed the entire exhibition space into a walk-in picture. Walls dipped in colors such as lemon yellow, seasickness green, vermilion and Prussian blue created color spaces into which he inserted large and small format paintings on paper and canvas.
A colour rush of pattern mixes and wall paints pours over the walls of the Kunstverein and creates a small universe of its own, a walk-in picture, which in its abundance makes one think about cultural mix, oversaturation, the compulsiveness of fashions - or simply triggers a sensual pleasure in bright colours.

Jochen Twelker lives and works in Berlin. He studied in Münster with Norbert Tadeusz.

Catalogue: Jochen Twelker, "Dangerous Liaisons", Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg.

Parallel: Torsten Kaufmann: "Ikarus" Installation im Alten Rathaus.
Ulrich Schürhaus: Raster" Skulptur für den Hof des Kunstvereins.

Sponsered by Stadt Neuenhaus and Land Niedersachsen.