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Exhibitions 2005/06

Thomas Wrede

Thomas Wrede
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Urban-Rural-Sea / Three cycles. Photography

03 December 2005 until 12 February 2006

Thomas Wrede: Aspects of my photographic work
The world as a model kit, as a large staging, as a picture and replica.

Many of my photo series reflect the relationship between man and nature.
The starting point of my photographic work is the longing for nature and its mediation through the media.
Questions of model and reality, of image and image, of longing and reality.
With the means of photography I question the landscape and the possibility of its pictorial reproduction with the means of photography.

Nature appears in my photographs as a large, artificial staging in German amusement parks, I take model kits for railway landscapes in front of the camera or set the models out into the open to create new, wondrous landscapes.

I photograph people in the vastness of the Wadden Sea and as a small figure among many on the German North Sea coast. The slight overexposure and backlighting makes the landscape pieces found in reality seem distant and unreal.
I would like to create multilayered images that reflect the reality found in the landscape and create new worlds of images.
It is important to me that no uniform photographic concept is imposed on the various series, but rather that an adequate photographic strategy is found that constantly opens up new perspectives.

Supported by the city of Neuenhaus and the state of Lower Saxony.