Silke LeverkühneSilke Leverkühne
Exhibitions 2001

Silke Leverkühne


24 February to 22 April 2001

Paintings as well as a wall painting.

Introduction: Souris Kassimi, Düsseldorf.

We showed examples from Silke Leverkühnes current work section 'Wolken- und Industriebilder' (Cloud and industry paintings). As central work she realized three 2 x 3 m wall paintings.

Silke Leverkühne (*1953) is interested in the point at which the color detaches itself from the motif, no longer describes a specific object and becomes pure painting.
Clouds are paradoxical phenomena, on the one hand ephemeral, on the other imperishable components of nature. They stand at the transition between heaven and earth, metaphysics and reality and in earlier centuries served as projection surfaces for expectations, hopes and fears. Their cloud pictures inevitably resonate with connotations from the history of art, culture and religion.

A catalogue has been published for the exhibition.

Supported by the city of Neuenhaus and the state of Lower Saxony.