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Exhibitions 2000

Alexander Timtschenko

Alexander Timtschenko
Venice / Las Vegas


9 December 2000 to 28 January 2001

Photo and film work - the film work together with Jakub Moravek

Introduction: Susanne Prinz, Berlin.

Examples from the work sections photographs (C-prints), edited feature films and film stills (C-prints).
In his large-scale photographs Alexander Timtschenko shows artificial-looking urban structures and constructed landscapes with model character and yet real origin. The photographs, mainly taken in the USA, focus on the translation of the real world into the pseudo-reality of the leisure and entertainment industry as a combination and concentration of styles. The photographs document a tightrope walk between the fascination of the (supposedly) perfect beauty of the motifs and the knowledge of their superficial, insubstantial existence...
In his film stills, he combines stills from the infinite supply of images from well-known cinema films, photographs originally used as representative snapshots for advertising purposes. ... Extreme cropping or enlargements highlight details that appear as a marginal part of the plot in the course of the film's narrative and therefore often elude natural perception.
In his film works, he uses films and videos as documents of contemporary world views, re-functionalizes them as image resources, analyzes their structure and initially distils film stills from them. Anachronistic and ironic at the same time, the result is a fluctuation between longing and kitsch for the elegiac and sublime, for the unfindable truth of this world, so to speak.
This year in Munich he presented "for the first time together with Jakob Moravek digitized and only speed-edited cinema films of the 70s, 80s and 90s. They are accelerated to a few minutes. In the barely recognizable flow of images, Timchenko scatters three to five still images per film like islands.

A catalogue has been published for the exhibition.

Supported by the city of Neuenhaus and the state of Lower Saxony.