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Exhibitions 2000

Beat Zoderer

Beat Zoderer
Installation view (entrance)


Floor, room and wall pieces

4 March to 30 April 2000

Introduction: Michael Stoeber, Hannover.

Beat Zoderer's (*1955, Switzerland) multifaceted oeuvre is essentially the result of ironic breaks between the ordering structures of formalistic pictorial models and the banal inventory of, for example, contemporary office organization. He approaches everyday life and art to such an extent that they can hardly be distinguished from one another. He deals with painting, drawing, sculpture, object, installation and intervention and - as far as materials, tools and techniques are concerned - he stops at nothing. "He rumbles like an art brut artist in the strict quadrangle of universal geometry and spreads an attitude of the anarchic through the subversive mix of economy and opulence, triviality and nobility. He is not afraid of contact, he subverts hierarchies, his relationship to the material is full of relish, his passion for games is pronounced and his methodology stringent.
Since the beginning of his work in the early eighties, his artistic position has been characterized by dismantling, decoding and deconstructing. Zoderer orbits around the everyday world of objects and in an act of abduction introduces them into the visual arts. Aesthetic conventions and value agreements are turned and turned in all directions, questioned about content and background, and placed in a changed context through the methodology of disavowing and ironizing. Affirmatively, in terms of his love for the world of things, reflectively, in terms of their function, purpose and meaning, Zoderer combines the system of everyday life with the system of art in order to make visible their aesthetic, communicative and referential potential by connecting the two traditionally separate systems. (Excerpt: E. Grossmann)
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