Barbara KlemmBarbara Klemm
Exhibitions 1999

Barbara Klemm

World Exposition Osaka


Artist portraits, travel pictures, view to the east.

27 November 1999 to 23 January 2000

Introduction: Barbara Catoir, Cologne.

Barbara Klemm, *1939, is a photojournalist. We showed a selection of about 70 black and white photographs (artist portraits, travel pictures, Germany East-West Turn).

Klemm's "photographs are only partly based on the motifs of the current events documenting the international political, economic and cultural events of the day. The greater part, in terms of quantity, is made up of scenes from everyday life, ostensibly anonymous scenes, but basically very personal fates. Such everyday scenes, in which the diversity of living conditions, working relationships, social and cultural ties, leisure activities and philosophy of life are reflected, also determine the style of her photographs. They explain the unstated, sober and ultimately unartistic nature of these photographs. From the perspective of one of the participants, she rarely places herself above the events with her camera and does not choose any unusual perspectives. Nor does she seek out dramatic scenes, nor does she capture moments of great speed that lead to blurriness and obscure the subject. Her art proves its worth in the unspectacular, and this requires sharpness of observation and empathy..." After Barbara Catoir in: Barbara Klemm, Photography.

Supported by the city of Neuenhaus and the state of Lower Saxony.