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Marin Kasimir

Marin Kasimir


The Permanent Context 
Panoramic Photography

September 26th to November 15th, 1998

Introduction by Christoph Blase (Berlin)

The panorama was the medium of mass entertainment of the 19th century.  It was superseded and replaced by the cinema.  Panoramic photography, thanks to the latest technical developments, have achieved a special hybrid status between photography and film.  The traditional panoramic frieze can revived, replacing a repeating geometric and decorative grid with a continuous-narrative one.  The frees of Casimir's panoramas are directly tied to the architecture.For the exhibition, there also appeared Leporello From Here to There.  It shows the scaling down of the same panorama that was displayed in the exhibition.  On the back is a text by Michael Tarantino.

Marin Kasimir (born 1957) created the piece "No Peep Hole" (2000) for the Kunstwegen regional trail.  See also the link to Kunstwegen, Lage region.

Accompanying program:  Presentation by Annette Tietenberg:  "Farther than the eye can see to the work of Marin Kasimir".

Sponsored by the city of Neuenhaus and the state of Lower Saxony.