Wim IzaksWim Izaks
Exhibitions 1996

Wim Izaks

Signs of Life: Imagery from 1978-1989

January 27th to March 24th, 1996

Overview of the work of Wim Izaks from the estate of Wim Izaks Foundation of Eibergen in the Netherlands.
Introduction by Jaap Dijkstra of the Cultural Council in Overijssel.
The accompanying program includes The Stichting Wim Izaks and the Kunstverein in conversation with the students and professors of the AKI Academy of Fine Arts in Enschede.

Wim Izaks (1950 - 1985) was one of those artists who emerged in the late 70s on the background of "New Painting" (Neue Wilde or neo-expressionist painters). From Italy came paintings by Chia, Cucci and Clemente, in Germany there was the "Mühlheimer Freiheit" (Dahn, Dkupil and others) as the successor of a late discovered generation (Baselitz, Lüpertz, Kiefer) and also in the Netherlands the taboo against painting was broken.
Wim Izaks took his own place within this movement. He worked in Enschede and Eibergen (province of Overijssel in NL). His situation within contemporary painting was as eccentric as this geographical location. From the beginning, Wim Izaks worked in time, but was detached from the spirit of the times.

A book has been published by the Wim Izaks Foundation.

The exhibition was sponsored by the city of Neuenhaus and the state of Niedersachsen.