Yvonne GoulbierYvonne Goulbier
Exhibitions 1999

Yvonne Goulbier

Yvonne Goulbier
Installation view



Frutti Amari

24 April to 24 May 1999

Poetic light spaces. An installation with fluorescent materials and black light lamps as light source.

In her artistic work Yvonne Goulbier deals with the relationship between light and space. Her material is the immaterial quality of light. For approximately 100 m2 - the floor areas of two merging exhibition rooms of the Kunstverein - the artist has realized a light work conceived for this location: Yellow and green papers coated with fluorescent colors and cut into narrow strips cover the floors completely. They are illuminated with black light lamps. Between them are pavement slabs coated with fluorescent red. On the one hand they function as sidewalks for the viewer and on the other hand they form the only surfaces of the room.
As a tool Yvonne Goulbier uses black light (ultraviolet light) in completely darkened rooms. This light makes the surfaces and objects prepared with fluorescent paint glow. The objects, which can be identified profanely in daylight, are magically charged, enchanted, as it were. Unreal landscapes full of poetry and magic appear before our eyes.
The real space experiences an expansion that is no longer materially comprehensible, measures and dimensions can hardly be estimated, gravity seems to be suspended. (Lothar Romain 1985: "Light as conquest, then as design, further as dynamization and finally as overcoming space").

See also: Fabrizio Corneli (1996/7) and Fritz Balthaus (1998) and Yoana Tuzharova (2019) In contemporary art, the energy of light represents a new pictorial and plastic dimension, although the study of the effects of light naturally has a long tradition over the centuries.

Supported by the city of Neuenhaus and the state of Lower Saxony.