Gisela ScheidlerGisela Scheidler
Exhibitions 1997

Gisela Scheidler

Inbilder. In Imagery

Photographic work for a theater of today.  About the stagings of directors Ingmar Bergman, Lee Strasberg, George Tabori, and Peter Zadek.

November 22nd, 1997 to January 11th, 1998

Introduction by Ingrid Bachér, Dusseldorf.

Accompanying program: 
Scene pieces of the theater group on display at the AG Gymnasium Neuenhaus.
Conductor: Klaus Thiele; Piano Concerto Class Reggiani, Neuenhaus.

The Kunstverein showed a selection of 25 photographs from the years 1983 to 1992, thus providing a retrospective of major German theatre history.
Gisela Scheidler takes the motifs from the staged events on the theatre stage, especially during rehearsals.
These are taken from productions by Peter Zadek, Ingmar Bergman, George Tabori and Lee Strasberg, among others. There are photos of these directors as well as of Botho Srauß and the actors Christa Berndl, Michael Degen, Birgit Doll, Isabelle Huppert, Hermann Lause, Paulus Manker, Eva Mattes, Ilse Ritter, Julia Stemberger, Gert Voss and Ulrich Wildgruber in Botho Strauss, Molière and Shakespeare productions.
The photographer's point of view and location are documentation, interpretation and recreation at the same time.
Stage and world are the antipodes Gisela Scheidler deals with. The stage is the artificial world that wants to show a true world. The world outside the stage is the world whose truth must be sought.
Gisela Scheidler calls these photographs Inbilder, a term that Peter Iden describes as follows: "The visible is only the one reality of the scene. The other, associated reality is that of meanings. On this level, the images become images that transform the reality of the moment: the fleeting element is not deleted, but the binding element is emphasized.

On the occasion of the exhibition a comprehensive catalogue has been published.

The exhibition is supported by the city of Neuenhaus and the state of Lower Saxony.